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About me —

Coming from a smaller Danish city and then becoming a part of a larger, global community inspired me to study Textile Design. I see textiles as a way of exploring foreign cultures and gain a deeper insight into the ways of living and the relationship between the mind, body and Earth. I spend a lot of time travelling, often to slightly odd places, where I stay with my friends and local families, which enable me to gain a deeper insight to the ways of living and what impacts different people's lives all around the world. By learning about the local use of clothes, production cycles and traditional techniques and styles, I gain a deeper understanding of sustainability and incorporate these ideas into my own designs.

I am passionate about finding textile solutions to sustainability issues, environmental as well as social and am particularly fascinated with seamless and fully fashioned knitting and the use of wool to create long lasting garments. I find it rewarding learning about how people wear their clothes and why and often address this in my travels. I love when people answer my questions and go through a process of realising the reasons I ask the questions and thereby start thinking about use and sustainability themselves, almost as if opening their eyes to textiles for the first time.

I don't remember the exact moment where I started to be aware of textiles and experiencing it for the first time. Most women in my family either knit or crochet or both, and I grew up with homemade clothes in natural materials. My first interaction with knitting and textiles at a higher level was through my first job at a yarn store, where I started out as a cleaning help at age 14. Soon, both my employer and I found out that I had greater interests in the yarns and costumer interactions than cleaning. Here I started building on my knowledge of fibres and its qualities, which yarns work for which projects as well as hand knitting and writing and calculating patterns. I have continued building on that knowledge and when attending UWC Red Cross Nordic, I realised I wished to pursue textiles, in particular knitting, as a degree and was accepted to Glasgow School of Art. I took a gap year to attend Semester at Sea, which together with my experience at UWC, shaped my understanding of the connection between the human, textiles and environment.