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Sustainability Research

Fill in the survey  here

Fill in the survey here

Inspired by a uni course in writing, I decided to take up reading again. After having lost inspiration in reading for a long time (we're talking years), the course gave me the tiny push I needed to broaden my research and dig a little deeper. Unsurprisingly, I quickly figured that the two main topics I am drawn to are identity and sustainability, preferably a bit of both. I started an independent reading list and notebook to keep track of books I've read and will read - even when the course was over.

I have many personal favourites (a bit about those in another post), but the main inspirations for this project are Craft of Use by Kate Fletcher and Folk Fashion by Amy Twigger Holroyd. These two women investigate the relationship between people and clothing, which made me wonder how this shows in my life. As I went to a high school focussed on sustainability amongst others subjects, I thought I would reach out and do a bit of research on my own during summer. The questions are based on ideas discussed in the previous mentioned books, mainly on use of clothes and general questions to establish an overall sense of 'personality' of the audience.

As a part of my summer project, I thought this would be a good chance to see how many people this survey will reach and how many will take the time to fill it in. So far after having had it published for a few hours, I've had responses from people aged 19-62 and am very excited to explore the results!

If you wish to fill in the survey yourself or have a look at the questions, you can do so here. Any responses will be greatly appreciated!