Pakistan 2015


Pakistan 2015 —

I would consider my trip to Pakistan my first genuine travel experience. I was invited to come visit a friend and stay with her family outside Islamabad for three weeks. Already on the plane I realised this was going to be an adventure of the lifetime and was met with massive cultural shock from the second I set foot in Pakistan. Despite what people may imagine about Pakistan, I had a fabulous time with my friend and her family and never felt unsafe in any way. In fact, I was spoiled by friends and family as everyone would be bringing me food all day as a sign of appreciation. 

The lifestyle I experienced in pakistan is so fundamentally different from the way I was brought up and was surprised that there was very limited access to drinking water and electricity. The drinking water was collected from a tap outside the flat complex and there were power cuts every day. Still people were so happy with their lives and proud to show their way of living. I appreciate the simple living and how people felt comfortable taking me in as a part of their family for three weeks. By having discussions about the differences between Denmark and Pakistan and talking about topics like religion, pollution and education I grew a deep respect and appreciation for Pakistan and Pakistanis. Despite the very clear cultural differences we still managed to reach a common understanding and became friends in no time, highlighting the experiences I had in UWC and the fact that we are not as different as we think.